Problems You May Encounter When Using Voip

Having money and efficient services are the common advantages one may get when using business Voip. But many still worry about the idea of using them because communication system via internet can be unreliable sometimes. Voice over internet protocol has little problems compared to a traditional phone system. One problem that business voip users may encounter is when there’s power outage. Voice over IP doesn’t work when there is no power. Equipments used in the internet connection like modems, routers, and IP phones absolutely don’t have power backup.

In case of emergency, voice over internet protocol doesn’t use 911. Traditional phone system can connect to 911 emergency services and is easier for the operator to give your phone number and address. The concern is that internet protocol addresses have no specific location attached to them. Therefore, if you contact 911 from your voice over internet protocol phone, the operator will completely have no idea where and how to contact you.

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