How Is Business VoIP Different From the Traditional PABX System?

Both the business voip and the traditional PABX system are effective business communications tools with worldwide coverage. But in what aspect are they different? The PABX system is capable of providing exceptional voice quality while the VoIP can’t guarantee that. Another thing that differentiates the two is the use of bandwidth.

PABX is more costly in terms of long distance charges whereas the VoIP offers free of charge long distance call as long as the other party being called is within the network. In terms of maintenance, PABX is again more costly because of the high price of copper wire and the equipment required. With VoIP, very few equipment is needed to make the system move along. Finally, in case you plan to expand your business, having an old PABX system may mean you need a huge amount of money in order to make it happen. But with the VoIP system, you can expand your usage with no worries.

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