Understanding the Best Features of Business VoIP

Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the latest technology in the internet world today and now a popular communication system in many businesses. It allows users to make phone calls (local or abroad) using the internet at a much reduced cost and provides immediate access to all project data and mails even while traveling or outside the company premises. The basic features include provision of local numbers, toll free numbers, fax service and unlimited calling, to name a few.

Business VoIP calling features include caller ID, call forwarding and call hold which are as important as other basic features of a regular telephone line. The VoIP technology though allows multiple conference calls all at the same time. More advanced features include outlook and cell phone integration. Outlook integration allows incoming and outgoing calls from outlook inbox while cellphone integration ties your mobile phone to the telephone system. These are just some of the most basic and more advanced essential features of the VoIP system.

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